About Us

Inter Wellbeing was founded by Rachel Evans Robinson in November 2017. 

Rachel has a wealth of experience in the Health, fitness and Wellbeing Industry and after 7 years of working as a self-employed health consultant, decided to bring her knowledge and experience together to form Inter Wellbeing.

Before becoming self-employed Rachel worked in Executive HR Recruitment and high level Regional Management Sales roles for over 6 years, managing successful teams and, with that, high levels of stress on a day to day basis.  She understands the rewards and the pressures of working in a professional commercial environment.

Since then Rachel has designed, delivered and Managed successful National projects for overweight and sedentary children. Rachel started this project in Birmingham in 2010 then expanded it to a National Project for a National charity. This won an award in 2014 for the CYP Health & Wellbeing Projects (Children & Young People).

Rachel has also consulted schools on programmes including health & social care, fitness and nutrition. 

Rachel is  a Level 4 Personal Trainer & fitness Instructor and has designed and written training programmes and workshops for Healthy conversations and nutrition guidance  for young people and adults.

Rachel has also delivered training for the Royal Society of Public Health on Level 1 Health Improvement (Accredited) & Level 2 Youth Health Champion. (Accredited)

Youth Mental Health First Aid Tutor

Adult Mental Health First Aid Tutor

Rachel realised that being Healthy was not all about exercise and what we eat – it was so much more than this. It was about our overall wellbeing and a huge part of this was our Mental Health. After working with both Adults and young people Rachel was saddened to see the effect our busy lives were having on us as Adults and more frighteningly on our young people.

Rachel’s lightbulb moment was when she was delivering a Level 2 Youth Health Champion course in schools where children as young as 13 and 14 were revealing their experiences regarding self-harm, eating disorders, suicide and taking medication for depression & anxiety at such a young age. Rachel knew she had to do something more. This was the main driver for Rachel to become a Youth Mental Health First Aid Tutor.

Wellbeing and positive mental Health is now at the core of what Rachel does and is the key driver for her and her team. We welcome you to join us on this journey of discovery and recovery. 

Welcome to Inter Wellbeing.