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InterwellBeing has worked with businesses of every size who are passionate about taking care of their work force.

The prevalence of mental ill health in the workplace means this is an issue that no-one can afford to ignore. Every year mental health is responsible for over 90 million working days missed, accounting for £34.9 billion loss to the UK economy. Mental health is the largest contributor to staff sick days and retention. One in six workers suffer from anxiety or stress every year. Against the background of these statistics company leaders, human resources and workers at every level can feel overburdened by the seriousness and size of the issue.

In response to rising concerns shared by many business and industry leaders, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Britain’s national regulator for Health and Safety in the work place, announced in 2018 new guidance to help businesses combat mental illness in their workforce. The HSE now recommends training a proportion of every business’ staff should undertake training to become mental health first aiders (see the full article at,

The Adult Mental Health First Aid course (AMHFA) provided by InterwellBeing works to empower all levels of the work force to take positive action in helping themselves and their colleagues. The course will help your employees to identify the symptoms of poor mental health, teach them how to facilitate initial conversations in an approachable but professional manner, and take an active step to prevent further deterioration in an employee’s wellbeing.

The most difficult, but often crucial step, in recovery from mental illness is seeking professional help. Our course will provide much needed guidance and support in how to approach these difficult conversations that could provide the first step for those suffering to getting the professional help they need.

One of the most important aspects of the course is to ensure your own mental health remains secure while you provide support for those in need. InterwellBeing understand the emotional strain providing support can cause and will help companies to balance this with the critical need to take care of themselves.

Our course will be instrumental in breaking the stigma around mental health in your work place and facilitate a culture beneficial to everyone within your company.